Who is Ash

I'm Ash Glover, a designer & web developer.

I’m a design nerd. I’ve always been one – when other kids were collecting soccer cards, I was collecting business cards (true story!)

My passion for design and implementing it has taken me down many paths – primarily web design and development.

I’ve been building beautiful, minimalist, engaging websites for over 20 years.

It’s useful to know the type of person you’d be working with, so here is a little more about my personality type…

The tech specs

Personality type: The Logician (INTP-A)

Introverted 66%
Intuitive 59%
Thinking 67%
Prospecting 63%
Assertive 97%

Have a look at some of my Vlogs and YouTube videos to find out a bit more about what makes me tick. Click here.


Since July 2018

In June 2018, I realized I needed a change and a challenge - I decided to leave the comfy life of formal employment and strike out on my own again. Find out a bit more about my decision in this youtube vlog post.

Sept 2015 - July 2018
Senior Drupal Developer

During my time at Benchmark Digital, I learned a lot about development workflows and processes, and working with larger teams. I focussed on full-stack web development for large Drupal projects as well as a few WordPress websites.

We did some pretty cool work.

April 2002 - Aug 2015

I started One Part Scissors with a friend in 2002.

We built awesome websites and print design projects, as well as a few radio ads, and even a television ad. Many of the sites we built are still up and running after many years.