Rand Merchant Bank Nova Innovation Campaign

RMB Nova Innovation

One Part Scissors completed an internal launch for Rand Merchant Bank called Nova Innovation. RMB Nova Innovation is an internal mechanism designed to encourage innovative ideas. Any RMB employee who had an idea that could benefit the bank could submit their idea to the Nova intranet site. They had to illustrate benefits and show how they planned to implement their idea, and their managers and peers voted on the ideas. At the end of the year, the Innovations with the highest votes stood a chance to win substantial cash prizes. The awareness and educational launch campaign made use of innovative channels to further underscore the message of Innovation.

Branding the Tea Ladies

The Tea Ladies were 'branded' with t-shirts, branded coffee cup tags and coffee cup collars and posters on their trolleys.

Branding the Tea Ladies - Trolley Poster  Branding the Tea Ladies - Trolley Poster

Trolley Posters Posters were modeled on the usual 'for sale' type flyers that can be found on notice boards near water coolers, with the message "Innovators wanted", complete with tear-off "I will innovate" tags that have the website address on them.

A4 Notice Board Poster

Notice Board Flyers The Nova project is structured to have 'Champions' that can promote the project to their colleagues within their departments and business units. These Nova Champions were equipped with a Champions Toolkit that contains resources to assist them in promoting Nova. This includes branded post-it notes, whiteboard stickers with innovation messages, desk-drop flyers and posters, and digital resources such as email invitations and powerpoint templates.

Champions Toolkit - CD  Champions Toolkit - Hanging Mobile

Champions Toolkit CD Cover & Hanging Mobile

Champions Toolkit - Post-It Notes

Nova Post-It Notes

Champions Toolkit - Whiteboard Stickers   Champions Toolkit - Whiteboard Stickers

Whiteboard Stickers

Champions Toolkit - A5 Flyer  A3 Posters A3 Posters A3 Posters

Posters & Flyers

Nova Cheque

On launch day, all RMB employees found a promotional 'cheque' to promote the project - a tactile illustration of the prize on offer.   Lastly, wall mounted decals were places in interesting and unusual locations to spark the imagination and draw attention.

Stair Decals Wall Decals

Stair & Wall Decals

Wall Decals - Corner  Wall Decals - Corner Wall Decals Wall Decals

 Wall decals were placed in unusual locations to draw the attention of people who walk these halls on a daily basis.   Other elements of the Nova launch campaign include a comic book, featuring a Nova Superhero that will illustrate the process to the employees of RMB. The comic book is due to be released in the next 2 – 3 weeks.