Clan O’Conall Website

Chartwell Church is based in Oakville, Ontario, just outside of Toronto, Canada. The website I created for them is fresh, bright, and image rich.

Based in Ontario, Canada
Client: HitGrab Inc
Technology Used: WordPress

Clan O

From the Clan O’Conall press release,
‘Clan O’Conall is a 2D art-led action-adventure puzzle-platformer rich with Celtic folklore. Players strategically switch between three siblings, heirs to Chief Ardan’s throne, as they fight through the evil spirits and deadly bosses to stop Caoranach, the Mother of Demons, from killing their father, stealing the power of the Crown of the Stag, and ultimately igniting a new war between the Aos Sí and the mortals. A beautiful foray into Celtic mythology set alongside a rich soundtrack by Moonwalk Audio.’

The website we created is built as a single-page experience to introduce the game ahead of its full launch in the Fall 2020 release window. The site will then be expanded with more content around the game’s lore, merchandise, download links, and so on.

The goal of this website is to present the game and gather contact details of interested journalists and gamers alike.

The first screen of the website makes use of a video background that subtly introduces movement to the website, without being overbearing.

Visit the website at

Clan O