This will be a space for me to update you on what I'm busy working on before the work is complete, and then I'll also link to my JOB LESS vlog from YouTube.

JOB LESS is my new vlog-style show where I'll talk about my transition from formal employment back into doing my own thing. I want to "job less", and enjoy what i do for a living, more.

Ads & SEO for Signage Production Studio

I'm working on an Google Ads campaign for Signage Production Studio. I'm super excited to be working with this brand again - SPS made the signage for One Part Scissors when we moved into our first 'proper' office.

SEO for &

I'm working with Come Wine With Us to improve their SEO, and really enjoying working with the brand! There's a ton of potential for the site to grow in the search results, so looking forward to posting a good report on our progress in the coming months.
Check out their site - i didn't build it...

Cruises International Websites for Benchmark Digital

Cruises International Websites for Benchmark Digital
I built the websites for Royal Caribbean International South Africa, Crystal Cruises South Africa, and Cruises International while at Benchmark Digital.