One Part Scissors: 2002 – 2015

I started One Part Scissors with a friend and built the business for 13 years. We had fantastic clients who loved our work, our customer service, and our creativity. My business partner left OPS in 2010, and in the following 5 years, I built the business alone, experimenting with different structures which included initially having a small team of 2 junior designers, and then moving to a outsource-based structure that saw us make use of a team of designers, app developers, and web developers in different parts of the world. This second structure worked nicely because I was able to harness the creativity and skills of a wide group of people while still managing to keep costs down.

In 2015, though, I knew it was time to do something new, and took the job of Senior Drupal Developer at Benchmark Digital.

To view the archived website of One Part Scissors and see some of the projects I built, click the link below. Some of the websites I built are still live, and so I've kept the links to these active - where a website project doesn't have links, this means that the website has subsequently been redeveloped by a new firm.