AVHorn Website

AVHorn Website

The AVHorn website is a passion project of a longtime client of mine. It is envisaged as a platform for audio enthusiasts to browse the latest and greatest equipment getting international recognition, as well as buy and sell high end gear.

"Browse award winning AV and HiFi. Shop trusted Classifieds."

The strength of the website in completing against mega-sites like Gumtree and eBay is that this is a niche website hat is built with a very good understanding of the type of information an audio enthusiast will want to see. We built a custom filter plugin that allows for incredibly detailed searches for equipment using the specifications of each product category. Looking for a turntable? Filter by Spin Speeds, multiple tonearms, and more. Speakers can be filtred by the usual expected dimensions and stats, as well as really in-depth information such as enclosure design, number of drivers, or whether the speaker is bi-wireable or not.

This type of attention to detail makes the website a joy to use for the audio enthusiast looking for new equipment.

The website is built on WordPress, with a wide range of custom plugins developed to realize the vision of AVHorn.

One of the challenges with a classifieds website is that you have little control over the quality of the images uploaded by end users.

To counter this, the website features high quality lifestyle pictures, drool-worthy images of award-winning gear, and a set of custom-designed category icons that elevate the look of the website from average to excellent.

Visit the website at www.avhorn.co.za

The icons are the excellent work of designers Dean & Liz Wright

The icons are the excellent work of designers Dean & Liz Wright.


AVHorn Website


AVHorn Website